#Pushkaweek is HERE!!

This year’s “pushkaweek”, coinciding with Chanukah, is November 25th through December 7. Pushkaweek is a time for us to work together to help heal the sick…One Penny At A Time!

This week has a two-fold purpose:

  1. If you already have a full pushka, return it to your neighborhood captain. The captains are listed below. Neighborhood captains also have yard signs on their front lawns.
  2. If you don’t have a pushka, pick one up from your neighborhood captain!!! And, tell all your friends, families and neighbors to do so as well.

*It’s o.k. if you pick up a pushka and don’t return it this year. We’ll collect them next year when we do this initiative again.

But there is more!

  • For those who return their pushkas, they will be entered into a raffle to win prizes.
  • For those who pick up a pushka, they will be entered into a raffle to win prizes.
  • For the children, we have prizes for them too! All they need to do is drop off a full pushka or pick up a new one.

Your participation, enthusiasm and encouragement is what is going to help make this campaign a success!

Let there be warmth and light for you and your families during Chanukah. If you have any questions, contact Lisa Linden, Director of Communications at lindenfam@yahoo.com.

Neighborhood Captains


Tamar Spolter: 2595 Larchmount

Keti Zigdon: 2500 Blossom

Gitty Schonfeld: 23925 Greenlawn

Cleveland Heights

Monica Goldstein: 3419 Blanche

Leah Mann: 3673 Berkeley

Hadassah Rokowsky: 3621 Severn

Esther Graiser: 3626 Bendemeer

Chani Ruck: 3522 Severn

Shevy Jacobs: 3755 Bainbridge

Ahuva Sommer: 3696 Berkeley

Fraydie Lowenthal: 3555 Blanche

Chaya Rochel Kushner: 3768 Bendemeer

Chanie Margulis: 3534 Bendemeer


Shaker Heights

Shanie Schabas: 2679 Rocklyn Rd

University Heights

Rochel Markovich: 2426 Claver

Ayala Elbaz: 2301 Wenford

Adina Helman: 4491 University Parkway

Shuli Krash: 4418 Churchill

Laya Russel: 2396 Loyola Rd

Sara Klahr:14390 E. Carrol

Rachel Covitch: 2429 Elmdale

Dina Rossio: 2531 Milton


Devora Laskin: 28592 Yeshiva Lane

Tzipora Rosenberg Clark

Tehilla Weinberg: 28580 Nutwood Lane