בקור חולים וגמילות חסדים • Jewish Medical Support Service

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בקור חולים וגמילות חסדים
Jewish Medical Support Service

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Bikur Cholim is dedicated to serving all members of the Jewish Community by providing assistance to improve health and well-being. We strive to help young and old, from within Cleveland and beyond, by offering comfort, shelter and support through a variety of services. We accomplish this through the coordinated efforts of dedicated volunteers who selflessly perform the mitzvah of bikur cholim – literally visiting the sick – with all the nuances of care and concern which this concept embraces. Bikur Cholim sees its duty to stand with individuals and their families during times of medical crisis in accordance to Jewish tradition, as are the practices of the organization.
We celebrated the birth of our daughter on Shabbat, August 15th. The food & snacks in the Bikur Cholim room made the whole experience so much easier! Thank you for providing such an amazing resource to the community!

Ezra, Adina & Baby B.


Whether it’s a ride, meal, medical equipment that is provided, it is always with devotion and a smile

Mr. & Mrs. E.


Words can never suffice to say how much we appreciate all that you do on any given day. From your expertise and all the advice that we had to taking care of all that we need. All is done with so much warmth and caring too. Selfless & limitless chesed true. Day or night – it matters not. No effort is spared – for that we thank you a lot. May HKB’H grant you all bracha & hatzlacha in all your days with the ability to continue in your wonderful way.


Lakewood, NJ

There really aren’t enough adjectives to describe this amazing community. Your strength & know-how are unparalleled, and I always say that Mrs. Shapiro knows what you need before you know. It is our pleasure to have gotten to know you and the people you work with. Being in Cleveland was a positive experience for us & each and every person’s presence helped Sammy get closer to a complete recovery.

Beverly W.

Staten Island, NY

We were so touched by your time & generosity in providing food for us for Rosh Hashona. We were away from friends and family while our twins were in the NICU at Akron General Hospital. You made us feel loved and we were able to have a Yom Tov meal.


Teaneck, NJ

Thank you so much for the Shabbaton. We really had a blast. Eating, games & reading. We all don’t want to sleep but we could stay up all night long to talk. We all had an amazing time. We also want to thank all the people who made the food for it. It was the best food. Can you please try to make them more often.



We came to Cleveland scared for our health, confused with how to manage and just plain bewildered. We found in you the best of Hashem’s angels. You anticipated our need even before we realized them. You helped us with an open hand and graciousness. You became our friends for life. We will never forget you. Saying we appreciate everything is really an understatement. May Hashem give you all of his “Brochos” and may you always be on the giving side.


Mexico City

Thank you for the delicious meals you sent me. It was so nice not to make meals as I was on bedrest. It is an honor to have your organization in Cleveland. May your organization continue to have such wonderful volunteers and workers. The world & I are awed at your chesed.



We would like to express our appreciation for the tremendous help you provided us in so many ways. Included are all of the delicious and well-organized meals, the financial aid for the children and the DVD player with a choice of many DVD children’s titles





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